Monday, December 5, 2011

Final exam post

So,,, unfortunately, this is the last time to post the blog for my CIS class.

For the final exam, I chose the No 3 which is "Write a blog post that focuses on separate examples of what you feel to be both the best and the worst aspects of the internet."

So basically, I will talk about good point and bad point about the Internet.

Since my dad is very professional about the Computer. He can use MSDOS? (maybe the black window when you start the PC) which is no image and they have to use only text,,, I guess
By the way, he is an architect so that he needs to use PC for creating the plan for buildings.

Anyways, because my dad knows about PC a lot, I think I had more chance to use PC when I was kid. I don't remember when was the first time to use the PC haha.

I think if you talk about the advantages and disadvantages, the mount of them are almost equal. It's like high risk and high return.

For the dark side of using Internet is that You will spend More time on just facing on the Monitor instead of facing to Human's face.
Now, the Internet is everywhere so that people can access to anytime they want. But, at the same time, they lose their time to talk to people. For example, I use Internet to know some news from Yahoo or MSN instead of watching TV at living where the whole family gather and talk each other. People tend to communicate indirectly through the Internet so that they may become unsuccessful communicator. In Japan, some people think Japanese teenagers or young adults are not able to communicate successfully in business situation because they use more internet to communicate with others in normal life. I'm not sure whether or not I'm good communicator, but I think some people are less successful communicators because of the Internet. And, some people tend to spend less time with their family at home because they spend more time for using the Internet, and that causes unsuccessful communication between the family. 

For the good side of using Internet is "More connection to More information".
You know, in old days, when you wanna know about someone's biography, you have to GO to THE Library. AND, you have to find the book you need. AND, you have to open the book.AND you have to find someone's name, then you can know about the person. This whole works can take 1 hour and I can image this work is kind of hard. Now, only you need to do is,,, start the computer which can connect to Internet in 1 minute and just type or say (Siri, from iPhone 4S, can understand what you say and look for many things for you) someone's name. And you can see the biography on Wikipedia. So it's pretty simple and much easier than before.
In my opinion, the first revolution of how find information is typing by keyboard and look up on the Internet. But recently, you can just say to your smart phones by using Google voice search or Siri so that this voice recognition technology is going to be next searching generation, I guess.

I have iPhone 4S and sometimes use Siri, which is voice assistant. But Siri does not understand Japanese so that Siri cannot write and read any Japanese.
But you know I can speak and understand English so that i can use Siri to create my schedule, set alarm, and search on the Web. The problem is when I got messages from people who don't understand English. Apple said they gonna apply other languages including Japanese next year so that I' really waiting for them!
Finding new information is getting easier and faster than ever, and I think this voice technology will be the next big thing just like touch screen technology became big thing recently.

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