Sunday, October 23, 2011

Response to Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists"

All right, so it's almost 12 o'clock in midnight. I'm so tired because I had to finish my essay for Eng class and I actually attended to event of Boy-Scout.
But I feel like I should finish this assignment today and work on my paper for this class and other classes.

As I listend to the audio, I thought when people feel it's too complex, hard, and difficult to do something, they try to find easy way to be done the thing because you know, people are always LAZY!

Do you know why Edison Thomas invented the recorder/phonograph?

The reason is this. He actually wanted to leave his will which is like a note left behind by a dead person.
But he thought his will would be very very long like an essay and he didn't want to write that much of sentence. So, he decided to invent something that can keep his idea. And also, Edison is human that is lazy, he wanted to keep his idea in his voice. That's why he invented the phonograph to record his voice.

He didn't notice that his invention would increase the music industry (If I were him, I would offer the copyrights for the idea of recording! lol).

Anyway, he was uncomfortably/lazy to write his ideas in paper so that he became more creative and invented phonograph.

As the Timmmmyboy's audio and notes, people become creative when they feel uncomfortable. I think whenever people face to some kind of difficulties, they tend to make it simple and don't wanna be in the same difficulty in the future.
It's like train seat, I don't know it applies to other people. But at least in my case, when I take a train in Japan. You know, Japanese train is sooooooo crowded and I have to take a train for 2 hours for one way. That means I have to be in the train 4 hours a day!!!!

If you lived in Japan, you know how hard it is and the same as me, I don't wanna stand for 4 hours  a day.
SO, I kind of calculate who seems to leave the seat at next station and I'll be in front of the seat. At the next station, the person who sit in front of me may leave the seat and FINALLY, I can sit on the seat!!!!

This kind of situation is creative (I do think lol) because I feel uncomfortable to stand for 4 hours a day and think how I can solve this problem as being creative. Then, I found the solution to make it easy by being creative.

What I want to say here is, really, people will be more creative when they are uncomfortable in the situation.

I hope this blog encourage people do something new as Timmmmyboy mentioned.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tell me a story

You know that I'm Japanese. Of course everyone think I love rice. 
yea I love rice especially when it was just made. But you may be surprised with this. The truth is I don't like Sushi! Seriously I can't eat Sushi somehow I don't know why. haha

Anyway, for this assignment from ds106, I picked this assignment
I think basically I need to explain a picture that I really really love.
I think I should choose some Japanese stuff, but for this assignment, I picked Pasta, especially carbonara.
If you don't know carbonara, see this
Carbonara is basically made by eggs and cheese and sometimes milk.
I love carbonara because it has so much cheese and I do love cheese.

The picture of carbonara is taken by me and also, this carbonara is made by me!!!!
yea I actually love cooking but only for my hobby and I don't make foods that I don't eat or like.
I think it looks good now, but you know the first time I made was absolutely unsuccessful and did not taste right. I mean the taste was soooooo bad.    haha
Many people use instant sauce for pasta. But in my case, I make the pasta from sauce.

Here are some pics of past that I made from sauces.

The first one is pasta that has tomato sauce on it with some sausages and onions.

The second pic is pasta that is basically made by garlic, oil, and capsicum and with some leaves on it.

Those pastas are kind like my best.

Anyway, I really really really love pasta even though I am Japanese!

Pokemon Card

This blog is for one of the six assignments for ds106 in CIS class.
The description is creat my own Pokemon Card to show myself.
If you don't know Pokemon card, see this website√©mon_Trading_Card_Game

Takeru Terajima Lv 19   HP 40
Takeru Terajima is Japanese. Normally you see in Japan. But sometimes in U.S. because he sometimes goes there to learn English. The speed is fast because he loves ski so much. He uses the ski to kill other Pokemon. Defense is normal but he wears the goggle so you may have trouble to attack. 
Weakness: tiredness

When I was kid, I always played Pokemon by gameboy or Nintendo 64 just like other people.
And of course I had Pokemon cards and played a lot. I spent almost all money for buying new cards. I think now that was really wasteful and I thought I should have kept that money to buy new MacBook Air which has core i7 and 256GB of SSD. haha

The URL of this assignment is

haiku it up

So my next assignment for ds106 is making Haiku from writing.
The description says that make Haiku from the one of the pictures from dailyshoot.
Many of you guys know the dailyshoot website is closed and we can't access to.
But I thought I really have to this assignment because! I'm Japanese and I think I really look like recent traditional type of Japanese teenager. By the way, I'm still teen!
As we can't access to the pictures from dailyshoot, I just took a pic and use it for doing Haiku.

You are so lazy cat
When I'm working really hard at school
You are sleeping at home

The description of this assignment is from

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google Map Trip

My second topic for ds106 is making story by Google map. The description says the only rule is I have to use google map. I'm japanese so I think I'm better to go and introduce famous Japanese places by Google Map.

Tokyo Tower is I think kind of symbol of Tokyo. So I recommend to go there. Unfortunately, recently we got Tokyo Sky Tree which is higher than Tokyo Tower. So sad!

View Larger Map

Next place is,,, Sibuya!
Many teens go there and spend almost entire day. Also Sibuya has the newest fashion trend in Japan! It's really crowed and maybe not so much fan for elder people because there are things teens need. In Sibuya, there are many famous stores, for example, forever 21, ZARA, UNIQLO, Karaoke room, bowling places, etc.

View Larger Map

Next place is kind of traditional place and older people prefer.
I think Kyoto has the most traditional places. There are many kinds of temple and Daibutu.
If you go there, you may feel the traditional Japanese culture.

View Larger Map

There are more places I wanna recommend but I have to work on other thing,,, sorry!

If you come to Japan, I strongly recommend you to go those places!

By the way, I'm Japanese but I went to Tokyo Tower just last year!  lol

Evolution of Phones !

My first assignment for ds106 is visual.
Tthe topic is "EVOLUTION". See the evolution of phone to cell phone and smart phone.









What do you think! I want the last one! Recently I just got new iPhone 4S and it works so perfect and beautiful. I think  when people invented the first phone, they don't even care about the visual/design of the phone. But now, look our cell phone is so beautiful! By the way, I've never touched No 2,3,4 and my first cell phone was No 6 when I was in first grade at junior high school. I've touched No1(I don't remember where I touched), but I've never used the very first one. I don't which one is your first cell phone. Find your first cell phone!

The description of this assignment is from

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mid-term exam topic: Design

 You know, I'm not really familiar with Design. But I know when Apple company announced new iPhone 4, they made absolutely brand new designed iPhone. Compared to the previous iPhone 3GS, the design of iPhone 4 is much more changed. The new iPhone is thinner and lighter compared to previous iPhone. The front side of iPhone 3GS white is still black and I don't know but somehow Apple people didn't make effort to make the front side white or maybe they couldn't. But!!!!Many of you probably know that the front side of iPhone 4 white is white and Apple company made great effort to make it white. (see the website)

iPhone 3GS 16GB Black (Front)

WHITE iPhone 4

So, now, white iPhone really becomes real white and more beautiful features. Because the new iPhone 4 is so beautiful and bright, more people tend to buy the new iPhone. People love designs and they tend to focus too much on designs. I agree with that actually because you you have the beautiful design I know everyone says that's cool and wish to have the same beauty.

Last week, Apple just announced their new iPhone 4S that has more improvements than iPhone 4.

 I disagree with this, but some people say that iPhone 4S is nothing changed and they will wait iPhone 5 which they have no idea when Apple will announce. Most of them say it's not much changed and not so attractive. I seriously disagree with them because they are looking at only the outside (DESIGN).
I know the design is one of the important things people should care about but because Apple didn't change the design of new iPhone, they say they won't buy it. I think people who won't buy it are people who only care about the outside or design or beauty. I think they don't care what iPhone has. I think people who love beauty and design should care more what's inside of the new iPhone really.

Images: iPhone 3GS 16GB Black (Front) by William Hook through CC licensing.
              WHITE iPhone 4 by rondostar through CC licensing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For mid-term exam

you can see or copy this instead of seeing the presentation every time.

  1. What was Napster and when was it launched?
  2. Where did he come up with the name Project Xanadu?
  3. The first real network to run on packet switching technology wasa. Arpanet b. WWW c. Usenet d. TU PortalWhat was the very first webpage about?
  4. What is the first webmail service launched in 1996
  5. In which year was essay titled As We May Think released in The Atlantic Monthly?A:1943 B:1945 C:1947 D:1950
  6. What is the popular file format to share songs and album via internet?a) .doc b) .aac c) .mp3 d) .wmv
  7. When was wikipedia launched?a) 1993 b) 2000 c) 2008 d) 2001
  8. Facebook was launched in the year 2004. What was its original name, and who was it’s original target?
  9. What is the Twitter Fail Whale?
  10. What is the meaning of DERP?
  11. What does “www” stand for?
  12. Besides the mouse, what other devices did Engelbert consider for interfacing with computers?
  13. Tim-Berners Lee created the WWW. True or false?
  14. Does flickr allow you to upload photos from your mobile phone?
  15. Name three things Engelbart invented.
  16. Who coined terms such as “hypertext” and “hypermedia”?
  17. When was the first computer mouse prototype released?
  18. Mentally compare and contrast Facebook and Twitter & give one example of a difference.
  19. If the hash tag number is 665, how would you tag this to Twitter?
  20. When was the first year that brought the first unsolicited commercial email message(later known as spam)?
  21. You can message someone on twitter by putting #/@/RT/DM before username.
  22. Who did create the idea of memex?1. Doug Engelbart 2. Vanever Bush 3.Ted Nelson 4. Scott Lockman
  23. Which is the first modern emoticon in 1982? 1. (^O^) 2. x-) 3. ;-( 4. :-)
  24. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson first developed what?
  25. Google went live in?
  26. Wikipedia launched in which year?
  27. Who had the first video conference?
  28. What does NLS mean?
  29. Who allegedly claimed to have invented the Internet but obviously didn’t?
  30. Who designed the first automatic computing engine?
  31. Which words make up the name ‘memex’? a. memory, text b. memory, index c. memory, flexible d. memory, hypertext
  32. Ted Nelson’s first attempt (Xanadu project) on implementation began and was successfully released to the world in 1960. True or False
  33. Anyone can suggest your idea for daily assignments on dailyshoot. True or False
  34. Q: What was “twitter” originally going to be called? a) twitty b) twittr c) twitter d) twiter
  35. What is the top of the memex? A. transparent platen B. white paper C. black digital screen D. none of the above

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How food companies use Facebook and Twitter to target/advertise towards their customers

There are many food companies that use facebook and twiiter to expand their business. Mostly, they use similar strategies so that I introduce two famous and big companies all over the world.


Facebook page
McDonald's has their own Facebook page to expand their business. For example, they write about new products on their wall, introduce about McDonald's itself, and put some videos and pictures to introduce their new products. Unlike the Facebook page of McDonald's Japan, McDonald's page is richer because they understand Facebook is not so popular in Japan as much as in America. But that is one of the business strategies they use.

Ask customers on Facebook
When McDonald’s wants to know the customers' choice, they just ask on the facebook so that McDonald’s can know which one is better product. Obviously, people go to facebook more than McDonald’s website so that if the company wants to know something from customers, asking on facebook is easier than asking on their website.

(McDonald's is asking which burger you like Big Mac or Quoter Pounder with cheese and looks like Big Mac is winning.)

Job offer
People can get job from McDonald’s on the facebook. Some people just see facebook for no reason and happen to get to the McDonald's page and find the job page. McDonald’s is always finding new employees so that they use social medias that many people see everyday. People can find job either at McDonald’s restaurant and company casually rather than going to their official website and find jobs.

(Facebook users can choose which job they want and actually search on the facebook.)

Ask questions on Twitter

Starbucks has official twitter account. They, of course, tweet about their products. Also, they reply to some customers who tweet about Starbucks and communicate with customers so that customers will think Starbucks is very friendly and customer may think they want to buy Starbucks’ coffee more. Sometimes customers have some questions about Starbucks and tweet about it. Starbucks reply those tweets and actually that is very easier than asking officially on the Starbucks’ website.

(Starbucks is answering questions from people who are both user of twitter and Starbucks.)

Connection between official site and Twitter
Profile has the URL of official site of Starbucks coffee. On the official site, it says “follow us on twitter” so that customer can follow them on twitter and know about them easily. Going to their official site takes more time than seeing their tweet so people who are interested in Starbucks may tend to see their tweet.

Introduce new products on social media

When Starbucks wants to announce their new thing, they tweet the information and put the URL of YouTube so that customers can know what the new thing is like.
They introduce about new product that is a holder of the Starbucks’ cup on the twitter. When you press the URL, it directly takes you to YouTube video and shows how the product looks like. Customers can know what their new product is and it’s easier than going to their official site and see their new products.

(Screen shot of YouTube video. This shows a Starbucks' new product, which is a cup holder.
Hard to hand the coffee cup and handlebar at the same time. So put the cup holder on the bike.)

Weekly Assignment 1

Hi, this is my fisrt blog for my CIS class.
I'll introduce about Ted Nelson who is one of the greatest innovators of computer science.

He was inspired by As We May Think written by Vanever Bush.
As he read As We May Think, he started his project which was Hypertext (which I don't know techinically but I've heard it before).
Throughout that project, he invented Xanadu (which I read his aricle but hard to understand ).
Anyway, in my opinion, he is totally great computer person because he did not learn the computer stuff as the university degree but he created totally new things.

Thanks for reading my first blog in my life !


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