Sunday, October 23, 2011

Response to Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists"

All right, so it's almost 12 o'clock in midnight. I'm so tired because I had to finish my essay for Eng class and I actually attended to event of Boy-Scout.
But I feel like I should finish this assignment today and work on my paper for this class and other classes.

As I listend to the audio, I thought when people feel it's too complex, hard, and difficult to do something, they try to find easy way to be done the thing because you know, people are always LAZY!

Do you know why Edison Thomas invented the recorder/phonograph?

The reason is this. He actually wanted to leave his will which is like a note left behind by a dead person.
But he thought his will would be very very long like an essay and he didn't want to write that much of sentence. So, he decided to invent something that can keep his idea. And also, Edison is human that is lazy, he wanted to keep his idea in his voice. That's why he invented the phonograph to record his voice.

He didn't notice that his invention would increase the music industry (If I were him, I would offer the copyrights for the idea of recording! lol).

Anyway, he was uncomfortably/lazy to write his ideas in paper so that he became more creative and invented phonograph.

As the Timmmmyboy's audio and notes, people become creative when they feel uncomfortable. I think whenever people face to some kind of difficulties, they tend to make it simple and don't wanna be in the same difficulty in the future.
It's like train seat, I don't know it applies to other people. But at least in my case, when I take a train in Japan. You know, Japanese train is sooooooo crowded and I have to take a train for 2 hours for one way. That means I have to be in the train 4 hours a day!!!!

If you lived in Japan, you know how hard it is and the same as me, I don't wanna stand for 4 hours  a day.
SO, I kind of calculate who seems to leave the seat at next station and I'll be in front of the seat. At the next station, the person who sit in front of me may leave the seat and FINALLY, I can sit on the seat!!!!

This kind of situation is creative (I do think lol) because I feel uncomfortable to stand for 4 hours a day and think how I can solve this problem as being creative. Then, I found the solution to make it easy by being creative.

What I want to say here is, really, people will be more creative when they are uncomfortable in the situation.

I hope this blog encourage people do something new as Timmmmyboy mentioned.

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  1. To ride Japanese train in morning and midnight is so tough for us....
    And I think the situation you said is creative! I usually used Odakyu line, and that was so crowded all the time!If I felt it "creative" at that time, my life in the train would be very different!