Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mid-term exam topic: Design

 You know, I'm not really familiar with Design. But I know when Apple company announced new iPhone 4, they made absolutely brand new designed iPhone. Compared to the previous iPhone 3GS, the design of iPhone 4 is much more changed. The new iPhone is thinner and lighter compared to previous iPhone. The front side of iPhone 3GS white is still black and I don't know but somehow Apple people didn't make effort to make the front side white or maybe they couldn't. But!!!!Many of you probably know that the front side of iPhone 4 white is white and Apple company made great effort to make it white. (see the website)

iPhone 3GS 16GB Black (Front)

WHITE iPhone 4

So, now, white iPhone really becomes real white and more beautiful features. Because the new iPhone 4 is so beautiful and bright, more people tend to buy the new iPhone. People love designs and they tend to focus too much on designs. I agree with that actually because you you have the beautiful design I know everyone says that's cool and wish to have the same beauty.

Last week, Apple just announced their new iPhone 4S that has more improvements than iPhone 4.

 I disagree with this, but some people say that iPhone 4S is nothing changed and they will wait iPhone 5 which they have no idea when Apple will announce. Most of them say it's not much changed and not so attractive. I seriously disagree with them because they are looking at only the outside (DESIGN).
I know the design is one of the important things people should care about but because Apple didn't change the design of new iPhone, they say they won't buy it. I think people who won't buy it are people who only care about the outside or design or beauty. I think they don't care what iPhone has. I think people who love beauty and design should care more what's inside of the new iPhone really.

Images: iPhone 3GS 16GB Black (Front) by William Hook through CC licensing.
              WHITE iPhone 4 by rondostar through CC licensing.


  1. I'm not sure how the link at the bottom of the page on the comparison between Forza 5 vs GT 5 fits in here. Could you explain, please?

  2. Sorry, I thought the web site was comparing the graphic features btw iPhone 4 and 4S. But now I realized it's not so may be you can just ignore that.

  3. That is strange - maybe you saw a page that compared the two phones. That's what I was expecting to see when I saw the games.

  4. Sorry about that. Do I lose some points because of that?