Friday, October 21, 2011

Pokemon Card

This blog is for one of the six assignments for ds106 in CIS class.
The description is creat my own Pokemon Card to show myself.
If you don't know Pokemon card, see this website√©mon_Trading_Card_Game

Takeru Terajima Lv 19   HP 40
Takeru Terajima is Japanese. Normally you see in Japan. But sometimes in U.S. because he sometimes goes there to learn English. The speed is fast because he loves ski so much. He uses the ski to kill other Pokemon. Defense is normal but he wears the goggle so you may have trouble to attack. 
Weakness: tiredness

When I was kid, I always played Pokemon by gameboy or Nintendo 64 just like other people.
And of course I had Pokemon cards and played a lot. I spent almost all money for buying new cards. I think now that was really wasteful and I thought I should have kept that money to buy new MacBook Air which has core i7 and 256GB of SSD. haha

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  1. Wow, Takeru, you've been going to town on the ds106 assignments. I like how your write up includes both the Pokemon card text and your personal connection with Pokemon.

    It looks like you didn't add tags/labels to your post. You will need to do this so that you post gets added to the correct category on the ds106 site. You can still do it after the fact.

  2. I first thought I don't like to do this assignment. But as I do more assignment, I felt like having a fun to do this assignment.

    Thank you for the suggestion. I forgot about that but I will post on the ds106 website

  3. Having fun is a good think - I'm delighted to hear you say that.

    I'm also delighted to see how far you've come with your blogging during this course. Keep up the awesome work!

    Sorry, but one more suggestion: somewhere in your blogger settings you can change the time setting - currently it looks like your blog is configured to Los Angeles time (it's the default for blogger). I know I didn't leave my earlier comment at 4:38 am (I was still waiting for the trains to start running to bring me home then).