Thursday, October 20, 2011

Google Map Trip

My second topic for ds106 is making story by Google map. The description says the only rule is I have to use google map. I'm japanese so I think I'm better to go and introduce famous Japanese places by Google Map.

Tokyo Tower is I think kind of symbol of Tokyo. So I recommend to go there. Unfortunately, recently we got Tokyo Sky Tree which is higher than Tokyo Tower. So sad!

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Next place is,,, Sibuya!
Many teens go there and spend almost entire day. Also Sibuya has the newest fashion trend in Japan! It's really crowed and maybe not so much fan for elder people because there are things teens need. In Sibuya, there are many famous stores, for example, forever 21, ZARA, UNIQLO, Karaoke room, bowling places, etc.

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Next place is kind of traditional place and older people prefer.
I think Kyoto has the most traditional places. There are many kinds of temple and Daibutu.
If you go there, you may feel the traditional Japanese culture.

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There are more places I wanna recommend but I have to work on other thing,,, sorry!

If you come to Japan, I strongly recommend you to go those places!

By the way, I'm Japanese but I went to Tokyo Tower just last year!  lol


  1. I love the map assignments. There are so many possibilities for making stories based on maps. I like what you've worked on here. I would like to see at least a link back to the ds106 assignment page.

  2. Hi I love how you added not only tokyo cities but also kyoto!
    What do you like of Kyoto the best?

    and I guess you do not go, but Harajuku is also well known place and I always go there for shopping and I wanted to add a shop that I always go! :)
    Thank you for sharing this!!

  3. Kyoto is very different from other city in Japan! It was rezoned hundreds years ago, and still remained. I hope every Japanese city be rezoned like Kyoto someday because it will be comfortable!