Friday, October 21, 2011

Tell me a story

You know that I'm Japanese. Of course everyone think I love rice. 
yea I love rice especially when it was just made. But you may be surprised with this. The truth is I don't like Sushi! Seriously I can't eat Sushi somehow I don't know why. haha

Anyway, for this assignment from ds106, I picked this assignment
I think basically I need to explain a picture that I really really love.
I think I should choose some Japanese stuff, but for this assignment, I picked Pasta, especially carbonara.
If you don't know carbonara, see this
Carbonara is basically made by eggs and cheese and sometimes milk.
I love carbonara because it has so much cheese and I do love cheese.

The picture of carbonara is taken by me and also, this carbonara is made by me!!!!
yea I actually love cooking but only for my hobby and I don't make foods that I don't eat or like.
I think it looks good now, but you know the first time I made was absolutely unsuccessful and did not taste right. I mean the taste was soooooo bad.    haha
Many people use instant sauce for pasta. But in my case, I make the pasta from sauce.

Here are some pics of past that I made from sauces.

The first one is pasta that has tomato sauce on it with some sausages and onions.

The second pic is pasta that is basically made by garlic, oil, and capsicum and with some leaves on it.

Those pastas are kind like my best.

Anyway, I really really really love pasta even though I am Japanese!


  1. In addition to making me hungry for pasta, your post did a great job of describing your love for the dish.

    The photos of the dishes you cooked look delicious.

    Good work (as mentioned on another of your great posts, I suggested that you add tags/labels to your post so that wind up in the correct place at the ds106 site).

  2. Thank you for the comment and suggestion.

    I totally forgot about submitting the assignment but I did it now.

    By the way, I made past today too. lol

  3. I love pasta! But I also love soba! You should make pasta with soba noodles! lol Does that qualify as good food for you though (soba)? Because I know the stereotype is that Japanese=rice but there's also soba, udon and ramen (and probably others) so I'm wondering if you just prefer pasta over Japanese food in general or if you actually have a preference for noodles

  4. yea I'll try to use saba! But I have to use cooked saba because you know I don't like raw fish. Thank you for the recommendation!

  5. I love raw fish! Lol but that aside I wonder how soba pasta will taste. Remember to update us if you try it out!

  6. I don't know if this is true, but I heard that Marco Polo discovered "pasta' in China. I suppose it would have been something like ramen type noodles from wheat flour.

    I love soba, but it is hard to imagine the buckwheat flavor with a creamy topping such as carbonara sauce.

    I do think soba noodles would rock with a sauce of garlic and onions sauteed in oil with some rock shrimp.

    Speaking of pasta, I once had chocolate pasta at an Italian restaurant in Bangkok. It wasn't very good.

    All this thinking about food is making me hungry.

  7. It's making me hungry too :( Maybe Tak should bring us a serving of pasta tomorrow ;D