Monday, December 5, 2011

Final exam post

So,,, unfortunately, this is the last time to post the blog for my CIS class.

For the final exam, I chose the No 3 which is "Write a blog post that focuses on separate examples of what you feel to be both the best and the worst aspects of the internet."

So basically, I will talk about good point and bad point about the Internet.

Since my dad is very professional about the Computer. He can use MSDOS? (maybe the black window when you start the PC) which is no image and they have to use only text,,, I guess
By the way, he is an architect so that he needs to use PC for creating the plan for buildings.

Anyways, because my dad knows about PC a lot, I think I had more chance to use PC when I was kid. I don't remember when was the first time to use the PC haha.

I think if you talk about the advantages and disadvantages, the mount of them are almost equal. It's like high risk and high return.

For the dark side of using Internet is that You will spend More time on just facing on the Monitor instead of facing to Human's face.
Now, the Internet is everywhere so that people can access to anytime they want. But, at the same time, they lose their time to talk to people. For example, I use Internet to know some news from Yahoo or MSN instead of watching TV at living where the whole family gather and talk each other. People tend to communicate indirectly through the Internet so that they may become unsuccessful communicator. In Japan, some people think Japanese teenagers or young adults are not able to communicate successfully in business situation because they use more internet to communicate with others in normal life. I'm not sure whether or not I'm good communicator, but I think some people are less successful communicators because of the Internet. And, some people tend to spend less time with their family at home because they spend more time for using the Internet, and that causes unsuccessful communication between the family. 

For the good side of using Internet is "More connection to More information".
You know, in old days, when you wanna know about someone's biography, you have to GO to THE Library. AND, you have to find the book you need. AND, you have to open the book.AND you have to find someone's name, then you can know about the person. This whole works can take 1 hour and I can image this work is kind of hard. Now, only you need to do is,,, start the computer which can connect to Internet in 1 minute and just type or say (Siri, from iPhone 4S, can understand what you say and look for many things for you) someone's name. And you can see the biography on Wikipedia. So it's pretty simple and much easier than before.
In my opinion, the first revolution of how find information is typing by keyboard and look up on the Internet. But recently, you can just say to your smart phones by using Google voice search or Siri so that this voice recognition technology is going to be next searching generation, I guess.

I have iPhone 4S and sometimes use Siri, which is voice assistant. But Siri does not understand Japanese so that Siri cannot write and read any Japanese.
But you know I can speak and understand English so that i can use Siri to create my schedule, set alarm, and search on the Web. The problem is when I got messages from people who don't understand English. Apple said they gonna apply other languages including Japanese next year so that I' really waiting for them!
Finding new information is getting easier and faster than ever, and I think this voice technology will be the next big thing just like touch screen technology became big thing recently.

I used these links to write this blog.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google is invading native Microsoft Office!

OMG! This service is soooooo perfect!

If you have both Microsoft Office and Google account, you really should try this service from Google.
The idea is this.
After you install the Google Cloud Connect, your Microsoft Office data is no longer disappear.

If you edit, for example, Word on your PC, the data automatically saves in Google docs. The point is you can use rich content of Word with using Google docs.
Also, when one person is using Word linking to Google docs, another person can see what the person is doing on his/her World if they are sharing Google documents (If you don't understand my English, please look at the YouTube video!).

Anyway, if you wanna use both Microsoft Office (World, Excel, and Power Point) and Google docs, you really should install this service to your PC.

Unfortunately, this is only for Windows PCs,,, omg
I have Office, but I'm Mac user so I can't use this!!!
So sad! I feel like I'm in good and bad moods at the same time. lol

wow I forgot to mention this.
I thought Google is eating Office because you know it's like google is parasitizing Windows haha

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ski Ski Ski

I started from Bridge program in last spring and became UG student from last summer. So you know , I'm freshman (by the way i'm 19 so I'm still fresh lol).
Also I love skiing and I was in alpine ski team when I was in junior high ans high school. 
TUJ's spring semester is from Jan to April so that it almost covers ski season and I have to deal with both studying and skiing. 
Last spring, we got earthquake so whole classes were closed and I couldn't go skiing until like the end of March. But the beginning of April, I could go skiing and did not have to deal seriously with studying and go skiing at the same time because I had no final exam!!! (I was so happy coz i was in Bridge program and it was so hard for me to pass the classes with C not C-).

Anyway, from this semester, I have to deal with THE TIME in studying and going ski.

I think time management is hardest thing for me, but I think since I came to TUJ which was American Uni and I had to studying a lot, I got better time manager.

oh can't wait going ski!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Mac!

I'm Mac user. The reason? That's because I love the UI (User Interface) of Mac, applications they provide, and mainly, it's so beautiful!
But I know none of these are connected to my weekly blog assignment, which I have to write about something related to Malware or Virus. So I'll connect Mac to Virus topic in this blog, which is gonna be my last blog in  CIS class

You know there are many kinds of computer virus in this world. In fact, there are few virus for Mac computer because (I don't wanna say this but I agree) there are not so many Mac users in the world. And still Windows (Microsoft) dominates the world computers.
When I used to have Windows laptop, I needed to have VirusBuster which is an anti-virus software.
But like 5 years ago, I changed to Mac and I realized I didn't need anti-virus program for Mac because there are so few virus for Mac. And also the Mac laptop itself has originally anti-virus software in the OS. That's why I use Mac. Mac computer usually do not have any virus so that it's very useful and no worries about protecting computer because the OS itself protects itself !
So, if you don't wanna spend your valuable time for just working on virus, you should buy Mac PC!

This shows which OS has more virus than others.

Virus is everywhere in PCbut not in Mac world!

Oh! one more thing!
You know the smart phone that gives you chance to go to the Internet any time can also get virus.
But many of virus for phones are almost only for Android. And iPhone users do not need to have security app for iPhone.
In Japan (I don't know about other countries), the stores sell smart phones with some anti-virus software for the phone. And they promote that users will have some troubles with virus when they have Android and make customers buy the phone with the software which cost more than smart phone without anti-virus software.
I think this occasion seems like that customers have virus from stores! lol

Question for exam
Which SNS has the most possibility to be attacked by Virus? 1. Myspace  2.Facebook 3. LinkedIn 4.mixi

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Response to Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists"

All right, so it's almost 12 o'clock in midnight. I'm so tired because I had to finish my essay for Eng class and I actually attended to event of Boy-Scout.
But I feel like I should finish this assignment today and work on my paper for this class and other classes.

As I listend to the audio, I thought when people feel it's too complex, hard, and difficult to do something, they try to find easy way to be done the thing because you know, people are always LAZY!

Do you know why Edison Thomas invented the recorder/phonograph?

The reason is this. He actually wanted to leave his will which is like a note left behind by a dead person.
But he thought his will would be very very long like an essay and he didn't want to write that much of sentence. So, he decided to invent something that can keep his idea. And also, Edison is human that is lazy, he wanted to keep his idea in his voice. That's why he invented the phonograph to record his voice.

He didn't notice that his invention would increase the music industry (If I were him, I would offer the copyrights for the idea of recording! lol).

Anyway, he was uncomfortably/lazy to write his ideas in paper so that he became more creative and invented phonograph.

As the Timmmmyboy's audio and notes, people become creative when they feel uncomfortable. I think whenever people face to some kind of difficulties, they tend to make it simple and don't wanna be in the same difficulty in the future.
It's like train seat, I don't know it applies to other people. But at least in my case, when I take a train in Japan. You know, Japanese train is sooooooo crowded and I have to take a train for 2 hours for one way. That means I have to be in the train 4 hours a day!!!!

If you lived in Japan, you know how hard it is and the same as me, I don't wanna stand for 4 hours  a day.
SO, I kind of calculate who seems to leave the seat at next station and I'll be in front of the seat. At the next station, the person who sit in front of me may leave the seat and FINALLY, I can sit on the seat!!!!

This kind of situation is creative (I do think lol) because I feel uncomfortable to stand for 4 hours a day and think how I can solve this problem as being creative. Then, I found the solution to make it easy by being creative.

What I want to say here is, really, people will be more creative when they are uncomfortable in the situation.

I hope this blog encourage people do something new as Timmmmyboy mentioned.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tell me a story

You know that I'm Japanese. Of course everyone think I love rice. 
yea I love rice especially when it was just made. But you may be surprised with this. The truth is I don't like Sushi! Seriously I can't eat Sushi somehow I don't know why. haha

Anyway, for this assignment from ds106, I picked this assignment
I think basically I need to explain a picture that I really really love.
I think I should choose some Japanese stuff, but for this assignment, I picked Pasta, especially carbonara.
If you don't know carbonara, see this
Carbonara is basically made by eggs and cheese and sometimes milk.
I love carbonara because it has so much cheese and I do love cheese.

The picture of carbonara is taken by me and also, this carbonara is made by me!!!!
yea I actually love cooking but only for my hobby and I don't make foods that I don't eat or like.
I think it looks good now, but you know the first time I made was absolutely unsuccessful and did not taste right. I mean the taste was soooooo bad.    haha
Many people use instant sauce for pasta. But in my case, I make the pasta from sauce.

Here are some pics of past that I made from sauces.

The first one is pasta that has tomato sauce on it with some sausages and onions.

The second pic is pasta that is basically made by garlic, oil, and capsicum and with some leaves on it.

Those pastas are kind like my best.

Anyway, I really really really love pasta even though I am Japanese!

Pokemon Card

This blog is for one of the six assignments for ds106 in CIS class.
The description is creat my own Pokemon Card to show myself.
If you don't know Pokemon card, see this website√©mon_Trading_Card_Game

Takeru Terajima Lv 19   HP 40
Takeru Terajima is Japanese. Normally you see in Japan. But sometimes in U.S. because he sometimes goes there to learn English. The speed is fast because he loves ski so much. He uses the ski to kill other Pokemon. Defense is normal but he wears the goggle so you may have trouble to attack. 
Weakness: tiredness

When I was kid, I always played Pokemon by gameboy or Nintendo 64 just like other people.
And of course I had Pokemon cards and played a lot. I spent almost all money for buying new cards. I think now that was really wasteful and I thought I should have kept that money to buy new MacBook Air which has core i7 and 256GB of SSD. haha

The URL of this assignment is