Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Mac!

I'm Mac user. The reason? That's because I love the UI (User Interface) of Mac, applications they provide, and mainly, it's so beautiful!
But I know none of these are connected to my weekly blog assignment, which I have to write about something related to Malware or Virus. So I'll connect Mac to Virus topic in this blog, which is gonna be my last blog in  CIS class

You know there are many kinds of computer virus in this world. In fact, there are few virus for Mac computer because (I don't wanna say this but I agree) there are not so many Mac users in the world. And still Windows (Microsoft) dominates the world computers.
When I used to have Windows laptop, I needed to have VirusBuster which is an anti-virus software.
But like 5 years ago, I changed to Mac and I realized I didn't need anti-virus program for Mac because there are so few virus for Mac. And also the Mac laptop itself has originally anti-virus software in the OS. That's why I use Mac. Mac computer usually do not have any virus so that it's very useful and no worries about protecting computer because the OS itself protects itself !
So, if you don't wanna spend your valuable time for just working on virus, you should buy Mac PC!

This shows which OS has more virus than others.

Virus is everywhere in PCbut not in Mac world!

Oh! one more thing!
You know the smart phone that gives you chance to go to the Internet any time can also get virus.
But many of virus for phones are almost only for Android. And iPhone users do not need to have security app for iPhone.
In Japan (I don't know about other countries), the stores sell smart phones with some anti-virus software for the phone. And they promote that users will have some troubles with virus when they have Android and make customers buy the phone with the software which cost more than smart phone without anti-virus software.
I think this occasion seems like that customers have virus from stores! lol

Question for exam
Which SNS has the most possibility to be attacked by Virus? 1. Myspace  2.Facebook 3. LinkedIn 4.mixi


  1. I'm Mac user, too!!
    It's more attractive than Windows because not so many viruses for Mac! Adding to this, Apple inc. provides us for updating every time!

  2. I keep hearing warnings about smartphone virus and malware problems. I suspect this is going to be a huge problem but I still haven't read or seen any detailed examples of such a problem.

    Have you heard of any people affected with smartphone malware yet?

    As for Macs, I'm a user too. I don't think I've had any such problems. But I guess it is just a matter of time.

  3. One more point, please remember that WB 4 and 5 are supposed to include a question about the topic for the final exam. Can you amend your post to include one, please?

  4. Sorry about the putting a question.
    I modified the blog, please look at it.

  5. Hi Tak - no worries about the question. Thanks for updating your blog to include it.

  6. I can't find the answer in your article or elsewhere for the question you added. Is there any article or survey that can draw the answer to your question?