Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ski Ski Ski

I started from Bridge program in last spring and became UG student from last summer. So you know , I'm freshman (by the way i'm 19 so I'm still fresh lol).
Also I love skiing and I was in alpine ski team when I was in junior high ans high school. 
TUJ's spring semester is from Jan to April so that it almost covers ski season and I have to deal with both studying and skiing. 
Last spring, we got earthquake so whole classes were closed and I couldn't go skiing until like the end of March. But the beginning of April, I could go skiing and did not have to deal seriously with studying and go skiing at the same time because I had no final exam!!! (I was so happy coz i was in Bridge program and it was so hard for me to pass the classes with C not C-).

Anyway, from this semester, I have to deal with THE TIME in studying and going ski.

I think time management is hardest thing for me, but I think since I came to TUJ which was American Uni and I had to studying a lot, I got better time manager.

oh can't wait going ski!!!!

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