Saturday, November 19, 2011

Google is invading native Microsoft Office!

OMG! This service is soooooo perfect!

If you have both Microsoft Office and Google account, you really should try this service from Google.
The idea is this.
After you install the Google Cloud Connect, your Microsoft Office data is no longer disappear.

If you edit, for example, Word on your PC, the data automatically saves in Google docs. The point is you can use rich content of Word with using Google docs.
Also, when one person is using Word linking to Google docs, another person can see what the person is doing on his/her World if they are sharing Google documents (If you don't understand my English, please look at the YouTube video!).

Anyway, if you wanna use both Microsoft Office (World, Excel, and Power Point) and Google docs, you really should install this service to your PC.

Unfortunately, this is only for Windows PCs,,, omg
I have Office, but I'm Mac user so I can't use this!!!
So sad! I feel like I'm in good and bad moods at the same time. lol

wow I forgot to mention this.
I thought Google is eating Office because you know it's like google is parasitizing Windows haha

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