Thursday, October 6, 2011

How food companies use Facebook and Twitter to target/advertise towards their customers

There are many food companies that use facebook and twiiter to expand their business. Mostly, they use similar strategies so that I introduce two famous and big companies all over the world.


Facebook page
McDonald's has their own Facebook page to expand their business. For example, they write about new products on their wall, introduce about McDonald's itself, and put some videos and pictures to introduce their new products. Unlike the Facebook page of McDonald's Japan, McDonald's page is richer because they understand Facebook is not so popular in Japan as much as in America. But that is one of the business strategies they use.

Ask customers on Facebook
When McDonald’s wants to know the customers' choice, they just ask on the facebook so that McDonald’s can know which one is better product. Obviously, people go to facebook more than McDonald’s website so that if the company wants to know something from customers, asking on facebook is easier than asking on their website.

(McDonald's is asking which burger you like Big Mac or Quoter Pounder with cheese and looks like Big Mac is winning.)

Job offer
People can get job from McDonald’s on the facebook. Some people just see facebook for no reason and happen to get to the McDonald's page and find the job page. McDonald’s is always finding new employees so that they use social medias that many people see everyday. People can find job either at McDonald’s restaurant and company casually rather than going to their official website and find jobs.

(Facebook users can choose which job they want and actually search on the facebook.)

Ask questions on Twitter

Starbucks has official twitter account. They, of course, tweet about their products. Also, they reply to some customers who tweet about Starbucks and communicate with customers so that customers will think Starbucks is very friendly and customer may think they want to buy Starbucks’ coffee more. Sometimes customers have some questions about Starbucks and tweet about it. Starbucks reply those tweets and actually that is very easier than asking officially on the Starbucks’ website.

(Starbucks is answering questions from people who are both user of twitter and Starbucks.)

Connection between official site and Twitter
Profile has the URL of official site of Starbucks coffee. On the official site, it says “follow us on twitter” so that customer can follow them on twitter and know about them easily. Going to their official site takes more time than seeing their tweet so people who are interested in Starbucks may tend to see their tweet.

Introduce new products on social media

When Starbucks wants to announce their new thing, they tweet the information and put the URL of YouTube so that customers can know what the new thing is like.
They introduce about new product that is a holder of the Starbucks’ cup on the twitter. When you press the URL, it directly takes you to YouTube video and shows how the product looks like. Customers can know what their new product is and it’s easier than going to their official site and see their new products.

(Screen shot of YouTube video. This shows a Starbucks' new product, which is a cup holder.
Hard to hand the coffee cup and handlebar at the same time. So put the cup holder on the bike.)


  1. This is an attractive, thorough and nicely written blog post. I like the way you compared the way different food corporations have developed their social media strategies. I'm sure the put much thought and expense into how to present themselves in such spaces.

    One suggestion would be to include more links in your post. I don't think I found any here.

  2. oh yes.
    I totally forgot to put some links in my presentation.

    Thank you for the advising.

  3. Very interesting blog post. I really think it's interesting of all of these corporations use social media outlets to market their products to us as costumers.

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