Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For mid-term exam

you can see or copy this instead of seeing the presentation every time.

  1. What was Napster and when was it launched?
  2. Where did he come up with the name Project Xanadu?
  3. The first real network to run on packet switching technology wasa. Arpanet b. WWW c. Usenet d. TU PortalWhat was the very first webpage about?
  4. What is the first webmail service launched in 1996
  5. In which year was essay titled As We May Think released in The Atlantic Monthly?A:1943 B:1945 C:1947 D:1950
  6. What is the popular file format to share songs and album via internet?a) .doc b) .aac c) .mp3 d) .wmv
  7. When was wikipedia launched?a) 1993 b) 2000 c) 2008 d) 2001
  8. Facebook was launched in the year 2004. What was its original name, and who was it’s original target?
  9. What is the Twitter Fail Whale?
  10. What is the meaning of DERP?
  11. What does “www” stand for?
  12. Besides the mouse, what other devices did Engelbert consider for interfacing with computers?
  13. Tim-Berners Lee created the WWW. True or false?
  14. Does flickr allow you to upload photos from your mobile phone?
  15. Name three things Engelbart invented.
  16. Who coined terms such as “hypertext” and “hypermedia”?
  17. When was the first computer mouse prototype released?
  18. Mentally compare and contrast Facebook and Twitter & give one example of a difference.
  19. If the hash tag number is 665, how would you tag this to Twitter?
  20. When was the first year that brought the first unsolicited commercial email message(later known as spam)?
  21. You can message someone on twitter by putting #/@/RT/DM before username.
  22. Who did create the idea of memex?1. Doug Engelbart 2. Vanever Bush 3.Ted Nelson 4. Scott Lockman
  23. Which is the first modern emoticon in 1982? 1. (^O^) 2. x-) 3. ;-( 4. :-)
  24. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson first developed what?
  25. Google went live in?
  26. Wikipedia launched in which year?
  27. Who had the first video conference?
  28. What does NLS mean?
  29. Who allegedly claimed to have invented the Internet but obviously didn’t?
  30. Who designed the first automatic computing engine?
  31. Which words make up the name ‘memex’? a. memory, text b. memory, index c. memory, flexible d. memory, hypertext
  32. Ted Nelson’s first attempt (Xanadu project) on implementation began and was successfully released to the world in 1960. True or False
  33. Anyone can suggest your idea for daily assignments on dailyshoot. True or False
  34. Q: What was “twitter” originally going to be called? a) twitty b) twittr c) twitter d) twiter
  35. What is the top of the memex? A. transparent platen B. white paper C. black digital screen D. none of the above

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