Thursday, October 20, 2011

Evolution of Phones !

My first assignment for ds106 is visual.
Tthe topic is "EVOLUTION". See the evolution of phone to cell phone and smart phone.









What do you think! I want the last one! Recently I just got new iPhone 4S and it works so perfect and beautiful. I think  when people invented the first phone, they don't even care about the visual/design of the phone. But now, look our cell phone is so beautiful! By the way, I've never touched No 2,3,4 and my first cell phone was No 6 when I was in first grade at junior high school. I've touched No1(I don't remember where I touched), but I've never used the very first one. I don't which one is your first cell phone. Find your first cell phone!

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  1. So glad to see you getting going with the ds106 assignments. Phone #8 is pretty cool. I'd like one too someday.

    I remember back when the first mobile phones came out like the big NTT one you have in you evolution. People with such equipment seemed to look as though they thought they were very important.

  2. Since we are still young (i guess), we have only touched just from #6.
    and the #8 is really cool!! but I am afraid of breaking it... I was wondering where we can switch on and off.
    oh yes and I have touched the #1 too. I have it at my grandparents' house.
    and #5 too. I used to use it at my work place which only works to call other
    I am kind of afraid how new technology develops so fast and it makes our live easier.

  3. Oh the last one is awesome!
    Present technology is not what we expected 20years ago. It advances more and more.
    I cannot imagine what will happen next era, but technology always makes us fun!

  4. This is great man! I like the idea you chose to go with! It's crazy how phones changed so rapidly during the past decade.

  5. I love the image of the future phone! Cool.
    But I might lose it easily as it is thin and small!
    I have used the first one of your image when I was....anyway sometime I miss holding the big receiver. I makes me feel that I really talking on the phone.